Do You Feel alone? Or that no one understands what you’re going through?
Are you searching for answers?
Do you have a deep desire to find real meaning and create impact in your life and others?
Don’t know where to start? Worried what people will think? Afraid to be vulnerable?
Are you experiencing shifts or growth in your life and your friends & family don’t quite understand?  or they aren’t interested in growing with you?
Are you living a life of unhealed childhood trauma or family dysfunction?
Have you been searching for unconditional love & support?  People who understand what you’re trying to accomplish or going through?

A Village of Sisters‘ is a supportive community of women of all ages and backgrounds that provides unconditional support and healing – a safe place and opportunities for the individual to share experiences, insights, and/or receive support when life gets tough.  Through its Sisterhood, the ultimate goal is for woman to experience life on their own terms; sharing challenges & celebrating successes creates an environment that sometimes the ‘other’ people in our lives don’t understand.

It’s free to participate on the Facebook page and in some of the discussion forums but there are benefits of having a membership subscription.

Village Sister membership benefits:

  • FREE 30 days access to the full message board forum.
  • 30 min Free Strategy Session/month ($55 Value)
  • Free attendance to local social meetups & events ($20 Value)
  • Participants may promote their businesses, network marketing opportunities and/or services.
How to Join:

– Clicking the Subscribe button below and process your PayPal subscription ($19.99/month).

– Create an account in the message forum

It’s that easy!!



If you are an existing Coaching client, you receive 50% discount on the membership fee.  You can access that page here – please contact me for the password.